Product Uses

Energy: The shoulder shot is used in the energy industry for high tower maintenance. The shoulder shot is able to shoot up to 250 over electrical towers to help linemen have quick and safe fall protection.

Arborist: The shoulder shot is used in the arborist industry for the removal and maintenance of trees. Because of the very accurate and powerful way this unit shoots line it makes hitting your target at high distances quick and easy to get the job done.

Rescue: The shoulder shot is used for rescue in swift water rescue to easily shoot line quickly and accurately to rescue victims with out putting anyone else in danger to retrieve the victim. The shoulder shot is also used to quickly shoot line up to injured linemen in bucket systems instead of waiting for helicopter rescue.

Fall Protection Roofing/Construction: The shoulder shot is used to shoot line over a roof and tie off on the ground for anyone doing roofing, construction, inspections, maintenance, or chimney work. This process is fast and allows you to obtain fall protection with out having to bolt the OSHA required 5,000lb plate to the ridge of a roof. Its fast, easy, safe, and does not damage a roof by bolting plates to a roof.