Bishop https://www.bishco.com/shop/shoulder-shot-tree-toppler-7550100

Sherrill Tree supply

JL Matthews company

For all Navy and Coast Guard sales- Purchase through Hawills LTD.


Windy Ridge corporation

Linemens Supplyhttps://linemenssupply.com/search?q=dtx


Hydron incorporated- https://hydroninc.com/search?q=tree+toppler

Wesspur Arborist Products

Cal-Line equipment

Forestry Suppliers

RBI corp

Shelter Tree supplies

Aerial Service company: http://www.linemen-tools.com

All Energy companies that require Southern California Edison Energy coding please purchase through Wesco supply.

All Europe sales and distribution: https://equipeur.fr/fr/amarrages/3264-lanceur-a-air-comprime-dtx-l-eekhoorn.html?search_query=dtx&results=1

ALL SALES IN CANADA: https://universalfieldsupplies.com/

For all package deals please contact Linemen Supply, and Aerial Supply.