Instructional Information

  1. Make sure the Shoulder Shot Tree Toppler assembled correctly
  2. Have crew discussion about use and clearance points, and the direction of launch
  3. Make sure crew is aware of surroundings, and has properly signaled that the device is about to be activated
  4. Refer to distance chart for correct device activation protocol, and psi levels
  5. Inspect Bullet/Bean Bag for damage or dirt, and clean as necessary
  6. Inspect reel for any sign of damage
  7. Tie, and check knot attaching the Bullet/Bean Bag to the reel attachment
  8. Be certain at this point that the spring-loaded locking feature is in the locked position
  9. Insert the Bullet/Bean bag back end first (string end first) into the clear PVC barrel
  10. Be sure the Bullet/Bean bag has slid down the entire length of the barrel
  11. Verbally announce preparation for activating the device
  12. Set the Tree Toppler firmly, and comfortably on the shoulder of the personnel activating the device
  13. Check for clearance of the desired target, and reel attachment bail has been opened
  14. Move the spring-loaded locking feature to the unlocked position
  15. Hold firmly, engage the release handle, and fire the Shoulder Shot Tree Toppler