Compact Cannon




The compact cannon is made out of solid stainless steel and all non corrosive material. This cannon is used in the energy community to do maintenance on high towers. The cannon is a great in between tool used to reach heights as high as 300 Feet vertical. The adjustable legs allow you to set your angles from directly up to a long distance shot up to 750 feet liner. The cannon has no parts (except for the barrel that is removable) so you can use the unit in the field with out the worry of loosing parts.

The recommended line retrieval system is the long distance reel. This allows the line to go out with zero friction or gears moving and keeps your line from breaking. The reel holds 400 yards of 150lb line and makes the line retrieval easy and quick.

  • The compact cannon comes with the following items:
  • Full unit
  • DC compressor
  • 2 stainless long distance bullet


The compact comes with a built in locking safety attached to the tank. The spring loaded locking pin prevents any accidental miss fire by forcing you to hold the spring loaded pin outward in order release the handle into firing position.