Sholder shot launcher package




This product is used for rescue in the energy division and tree trimming in the arborist community. The product can reach a vertical distance of 250+ feet with high accuracy with a 12oz bean bag. This model comes with a long distance reel attachment that allows you to shoot a P-line with the accuracy that beats any product on the market. This method dramatically decreases time/labor associated with pulling a p-line, allowing the operator to shoot the climbing rope over the target the first shot. The shoulder shot is made of solid stainless steel and all non corrosive material.

Unlike certain products this does not use black powder which is illegal in most states and city use. This product does not use dangerous rubber bands that can wear down and Break.

The shoulder shot comes with a built in spring loaded safety on the valve release handle that prevents any accidental miss fires. The air chamber can be refilled very quickly with a handheld air pump or small compressor.

This item comes with the following items:

  • Solid stainless unit
  • Removable schedule 40 clear barrel 
  • Reel/Attachment 
  • 12 ounce bean bag

The 12 ounce Bean Bag used with the shoulder shot.